Monterey Bay; Mt. Washington, Pittsburgh 

Eden; Shadyside, Pittsburgh

Capital Grille, Downtown, Pittsburgh

Casbah; Shadyside, Pittsburgh


College: One Year Down 

Busy Friday 

Fourth of July Weekend!

San Diego Day 1

San Diego Day 2 

San Diego Day 3 (part 1)

San Diego Day 3 (part 2) 

San Diego Day 4 

New Year, New Beginnings

College: Half Way Finished 

Laguna Beach: Day 1

Laguna Beach: Day 2

Laguna Beach: Day 3

Laguna Beach: Day 4

Laguna Beach: Day 5


And I Choose to Love Myself 

Cognitive Dissonance 

Why “Should” Shouldnt Exist

You Are Enough 

The Thigh Gap: What’s the Big Deal?

“dream weight” vs “happy weight”

I didn’t know I had an eating disorder…

There’s Nothing Wrong with Normal

“Healthy” or Not So “Healthy”? 

Embrace Your Flaws

Never Let a Man Define You


Quick Trip to the Strip

Chop, WOK, and Talk: cooking class

Deluca’s Diner and the Strip District

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