Welcome! Im Monica, a 21 year old undergrad student at Kent State University for my degree in dietetics. It’s been a dream of mine that once Im a registered dietitian,  I would start a health/nutrition blog. But until I can speak with authority on these topics, I wanted a place to post recipes, workouts, spread body positivity, and any other random happenings in my life!

With that being said, lets start off with the essentials: I love food. I come from an Italian family and delicious meals weren’t few and far between. My choice of career comes from a combination of this love of food and a desire to get the most nutrients out of it. When food good and good for you, I consider it to be one of life’s greatest joys. But lets get real here, who cant pass up dessert? Not me, its my favorite. Just as the saying goes: everything in moderation. Adding onto that, I do love running, and lifting and working out because it really makes me feel great (added bonus being more food 😉 ). I cant pass up a good breakfast and a cup of coffee, they are definitely life’s necessities. 


Im from a small town right on the Ohio river, and when i say small, i mean the kind of town where the people live and breathe high school football and you cant make a trip to the grocery store without seeing at least seeing 3 familiar  faces. However, were about an hour outside of Pittsburgh, PA (MY DREAM CITY). I spend a lot of time there and hopefully some day, thats where I’ll settle down. Expect to see posts from my adventures there 🙂

I grew up as an only child which may sound lonely to some but honestly, I didn’t mind. Im VERY close to my parents, I wouldn’t be anything without either of them and I owe them more than I could even try to pay back.

Everybody has a story, and I’m no different. Ive been through things and I’m still dealing with the junk life throws at us. Maybe I can give someone a little hope or inspiration, just like so many of the blogs I read have given me. So take a look around, I hope you’ll find what you’re searching for!

–Monica ❤


Contact me!

email: xmonicamichellex@aim.com

pinterest: Monica1210x

instagram: monica__michelle or mw_inchaarg (CHAARG account)



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