Chicago, Day 4

Here we are at our final day!

We thought the day before was rainy.. well today was even worse! From the second we stepped out of the hotel at 9:30am, it rained on and off most of the day. At one point we even stopped to get a couple ponchos (but of course, that is when it stopped raining). But the drizzle didnt really bother us so we continued to walk around

We grabbed a quick bite to eat at Lyfe Kitchen across the street from our hotel. I said that this is the kind of place I would eat at at least 3 times a week if I lived in the city

We walked through the cultural center, stopped at Old Navy (50% off workout apparel helloooo). looped back around to Millennium Park, which was still crowded despite the rain, and by this time we were all kind of hungry. We wanted to go to Carmines, this italian restaurant that my parents have been to before. They make these eggplant stacks similar to what my mom makes and I had to see if they held up in comparison (Moms are better FYI) but they were still delicious. I didnt want to get anything too heavy so I ordered a cup of the minestrone soup.

Somehow, we ended up at Navy Pier again, except this time we came in from the other side and walked in along the lake shore line. Once we actually got to the pier, we quickly realized: it was saturday. The place was PACKED. I was too tired, hot and just overall done to deal with this today. All this walking took it out of me (we averaged ~10 miles a day on this trip!).

So thankfully, we thought it was just best to hang out in the room for a while until it was time for dinner. I took a little nap and caught up on writing some of my posts !

So for our last night in Chicago, we picked the steak restaurant, Wildfire. I was a bit nervous because I was the one who really pulled for this place so if it was disappointing it  was going to be on me (and I HATE that kind of pressure).

Once we sat down, I felt better, the place looked promising.. and because they put basket on the table with the best corn bread I’ve tasted in a while.

Truthfully, the appetizer menu was a bit underwhelming, but our waiter talked us into the Moroccan chicken skewers, with a chipotle mayo dipping sauce, and I was actually impressed. It was a nice departure than the traditional appetizer.

For dinner, Dad went with the mushroom crusted pork chops  with a side of roasted vegetables. I had some, it was pretty damn good. Mom went with the special of 3 pieces of fillet with 3 different crusts: mushroom, blue cheese, and parmesan. Much to my surprise, her favorite was the mushroom (Sheila is a die hard blue cheese fan). I went with the petite fillet with a side of the vegetables. My only regret is that I didnt get a crust on my steak. Other than that it was delicious.

(once again, dimly lit restaurants = bad lighting)

So this was one of those restaurants that brings out all the dessert options to your table and you get to pick. They all looked mouth watering, but we went with the plate with three smaller portions of different sweets: key lime pie, peanut butter pie, and a snickers ice cream sandwich All were so good, but nothing beat the keylime pie.

After dinner we walked back over to Mastros for another martini. It was actually pretty funny because the waitress remembered us from a couple nights ago and knew what we ordered! I really love a good martini, my usual lately is one made with absolut citron. It has a the same flavor as a lemon drop, but not nearly as overly sweet.

And just like that, vacation drew to an end once again. As always, I enjoy times like this that I get to spend with my parents, and Im incredibly thankful that we are able to do this every year. This was just the perfect getaway before reality of grad school and internship life sets in.

Also, a huge thank you to everyone who reads my recap posts. It means so much to me that people enjoy some of the content that comes from this tiny little blog!


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