Chicago, Day 3

We’ve made it past the halfway point!

And I’m sorry to say that todays post isnt much to write home about. It was supposed to be pretty rainy, so we dedicated a good portion of the morning and afternoon to shopping and looking around in stores.

But first, breakfast.

Originally, we wanted to eat at Tavern on Rush the day before, but they didnt open until 11. Luckily, on Fridays, they open at 9! Of course we sat outside (this was before it started raining).

Dad got and omelette  with ground turkey, sundried tomatoes and goat cheese, and we both thought it was pretty good (yall know I love goat cheese). Mom got 2 poached eggs with bacon and toast. For me, the avocado toast caught my eye immediately and I couldn’t pass it up!

Like I said, today wasn’t very eventful, so unfortunately, I didnt take a bunch of pictures. We hit a few shops (they have the big names like gucci, louis, and prada, but I was more interested in the TJ Maxx), and ended up back at Eataly. I dont know why but I truly loved it there, it was just so enjoyable. We split a pizza and had a few glasses of wine before heading over to our hotel to get ready for the night.

We had reservations at RPM (shout out to Holly for the recommendation!!). This was BY FAR the best restaurant we ate at the whole trip. Everything from the atmosphere to the service to the food was incredible. The only time we could get a table was at 4:15. A tad early, but I loved how we weren’t rushed. We were able to take our time and enjoy our meal, and I think we stayed there for around 2 hours. These are the kind of meal experiences that I love.

We started off with the fried zucchini flowers stuffed with ricotta cheese blended with tomatoes. It was one of the best appetizers that I had in a while. The filling was so flavorful and creamy, this picture doesnt do it justice! Along with the zucchini, we ordered the 600 day old prosciutto. You know that prosciutto is good when it literally melts in your mouth. You could tell it was definitely imported (and not just fancy ham).

For the entree, we went more of a family style route and ordered 3 pasta dishes to share. We went with the carbonara, complete with the egg yolk on top and mixed in at the table, squid ink pasta with crab and fresno chili, and a parmesan risotto with shaved black truffles. I really dont think I’m able to pick a favorite here, everything was just THAT incredible. All the pasta was cooked perfectly and each was so flavorful in its own way. Mom and Dad both really liked the squid ink pasta , even though Mom wasn’t even going to try it!  While I leaned more towards the risotto. The black truffles probably had something to do with it.

(apologies for the bad lighting :-/)

For dessert, we chose the lemon cake. It was light and refreshing and you could tell that they used the zest of the lemon in the batter.

On our way into the city from the airport, our Uber driver suggested a rooftop bar called London House. It sounded pretty cool, so after dinner we decided to go ahead and check it out! The view from up there was amazing, and it was really just overall a good time (What else do you expect from a rooftop bar?)

We were all pretty tired from another long day of walking so went back to the hotel and I passed out.. with my computer still on my lap




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