Chicago, Day 2

Lets get right into day 2!

For once, we actually slept in, and by that I mean 7am. As per usual, Dad and I were going to hit the gym. Our hotel’s fitness center is currently under construction, so we had to go a few doors down to use one nearby (damn was it nice). Afterward, we grabbed a coffee and walked around for a few minutes before going back to the room to shower up and get ready for the day.

Like I mentioned in my last post, today was going to be full of walking. When the whole day was said and done, we totaled about 15 miles (my feet are wrecked…dont think they will ever be the same).

But first, we stopped to grab breakfast. We spotted a cute little place with tables outside called Nico’s.

I usually get eggs, but they had a peanut butter banana smoothie with flaxseed and almond milk that I couldn’t pass up. It was so thick, I was incredibly jealous that the smoothies that I make aren’t that consistency. Mom got the steal cut oats topped with ricotta crema, dates and walnuts. I loved the ricotta the most. Dad decided on the scrambled eggs with peperonata, prosciutto, and olive focaccia. Honestly right up his ally. After several cups of coffee, we geared up for our walk to Navy Pier

It was absolutely adorable here. There are just people everywhere walking around, and you really can’t get a better atmosphere than being right along the water. We stopped at the beer garden for a drink and then kept walking. Between the ferris wheel and the amazing view of downtown, I really enjoyed being here. I mean I know we didnt do much but regardless this was one of my favorite parts of the city.


We left the pier and headed over to Millennium Park. Obviously, I had to go see the famous Bean. It was packed with people, which I should have expected since it was a gorgeous day. We took some pictures and kept moving. At this point, my mom and I were getting tired and my legs need a bit of a break. We walked back to the river and got  a bite to eat at Smith and Wollensky. I had the cobb salad and it was incredible, probably because I was so happy to finally sit down.

We walked around a little more and then headed back to the room to get ready for dinner. Soooo let me just preface this: it was neither a good idea for me to wear heals nor for me to wear pants with a wide bottom. I fell flat on my face twice this night trying to cross the street. My shoe kept getting caught in my pants. Its okay. You can laugh, god knows I still am.

We had reservations at Shaw’s Crab House. We had accidentally came across it the day before when we were walking around… so naturally we couldn’t find it tonight. My dad had us going up the steps, across the street, down the steps, back up the steps, halfway down, halfway back up…. and if you know my dad, you know he doesn’t move slow .I was mess by the time we finally got there.

The atmosphere was  classy restaurant-meets-basement cafeteria and I loved it. Everything about this place was warm and inviting.

For an appetizer, we got the grilled calamari which was pretty good, but come on, everyone knows that calamari is better fried, lets be real. For dinner, Mom ordered a cup of lobster bisque and the seafood platter (shrimp, scallops and a crab cake). She said the scallops were the best part. Dad went big and ordered the crab legs since he claims he never really eats them. And of course, if many of you have been reading my blog, you can 100%  guess that I ordered salmon. It came with pesto and thats what sold me. It was as good as I expected it to be.

After dinner we decided to go to Mastros for a drink. Mom has her absolute best blue cheese stuffed olive  martini at Mastros in Vegas so she was beyond excited. She said this was her second best, still behind the one in Vegas.

My feet were completely wrecked after today. The walk back to the hotel was something you couldn’t PAY me to do ever again (I told you the heals were a TERRIBLE idea), so therefore you can BET I went straight to bed!


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