Because I Do.

Remember when we used to go to the library together when we were so little we couldn’t even read yet?

Remember how you had to ask me three times to be your girlfriend before I finally said yes?

Remember that time you close lined me in the face with the tree branch, but we had a funny story to tell afterwards? (and the cut on my cheek to prove it)

Remember when you threw a FIT because my dad cleaned his golf clubs for an HOUR (20 mins) while we were hanging out in my basement?

Remember when we all went to that haunted house in Brilliant, and that guy in the mask chased you all the way down the street?

Remember that time we got into the wrong car with “some guy”, thinking it was your mom picking us up (top ten scariest moments of my life by the way)?

Remember how you made your entire hockey team sing happy birthday to me at Generations (when it was 2 weeks past my actually birthday)?

Remember how you walked around Kennywood with me on our 8th grade field trip because you knew I didn’t like rollercoasters (even though you loved them)?

Remember when you came to my house to shovel my driveway (and I always made you hot chocolate for afterwards)?

Remember that time you came to visit me at Kent and didn’t mind being lame and just hanging out in my room and watching movies (my mom totally still thinks you slept on the floor) ?

Remember when you volunteered to pick me up and take me home for Thanksgiving break. and cut across 3 lanes of traffic because you almost missed the exit?

Remember our trip to Morgantown for Fall Fest, when we drove my car through someones yard, snuck you into a frat house, and ate the best bowl of raisin bran of our lives?

Remember that time we went and got pedicures because your feet were destroyed from hockey but you refused to go by yourself?

Remember when you borrowed my pink, glittery, Kate Spade wristlet to put chips in while you were at the casino, and you paid me back by giving me your favorite hoodie (that i had my eye on for years) ?

Remember when you found out  my boyfriend and I broke up, and you insisted on taking me to dinner in Pittsburgh, and even showed up at my house with roses?

Remember all the little petty fights we had, where we wouldn’t talk for weeks, but always picked right back up where we left off?

Remember how you were the funniest, most stubborn person I ever met, and I thank God everyday that he  blessed me with an incredible friend like you that I didn’t deserve?

Because I do.



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