Charleston, South Carolina: Day 4

Unlike Wednesday, the weather on Thursday was BEAUTIFUL. Definitely a pool day. Of course Dad and I got our workouts in– I elipticalled for 30 min and got on the stair stepper for ten, coupled with shoulders. We showered, got breakfast at the hotel again, and then laid at the pool all day. Surprisingly, I didn’t burn on this vacation–thank god. I dont know if I could take it again after what happened to me on spring break.

Mom and Dad stayed and laid out some more, but I had to go up to the room to do some more homework (bleh). I must have been pretty damn tired, because I fell asleep for about an hour when I was done! By the time I woke up, it was time to get dressed and ready to go out.

As per Bolger recommendation, we had reservations at Cru Cafe in Downtown Charleston. We got into the city a little early, so we took a walk down King St, which we hadn’t seen yet, and through the College of Charleston’s campus.

We got to Cru and I immediately loved the atmosphere. The building used to be an old house, and you could really tell. It was just very quaint and homey


We ordered the calamari with Asian slaw and sesame dressing to start with. It may have been the best calamari I’ve had. The way they paired it with the slaw was super creative and it really contrasted the fried squid. Dad wants to recreate it at home. We all had a tough time picking what we wanted for the entree. After the waitress had to come back three times, we finally had our orders: Mom went with their pasta special, that had a fried pork chop over cavatelli in a cream sauce. Dad and I went back and forth, but he ended up going with the  seared Scottish salmon over lemon risotto, sautéed vegetables and honey ginger glaze. He fell in love, I was glad I didnt get because I wasn’t crazy for it, but it was okay. I saw the waiter bring fillet out to another table and I decided I had to have that. It came with gnocchi and a light tomato sauce. I loved it, I’m a sucker for gnocchi. For dessert, Dad picked the flourless chocolate cake… excellent choice. It was so dense and the chocolate flavor was strong. Im hungry just thinking about it!

Afterwards, we hit up Charleston Crab House since we saw that they had a rooftop bar. We hung out up there for a while and then turned in for the night.. as you can tell the Werkins are not night people.. dont judge 😉




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