Charleston, South Carolina: Day 3

Twas a rainy Wednesday down south, my friends!

I woke up and got ready to hit the gym! Dad and I walked over to the bigger facility at the hotel that had more weights and equipment (I didnt know about the bigger gym the day before, the one I went to on Tuesday just had cardio machines!) I ran a couple miles and lifted legs and called it a day.

I wasn’t quite raining yet when I met Mom and Dad at the pool. We took another 2 mile walk on the beach, but the whole time I couldnt wait to shower! I just felt gross and sweaty and.. ew. So the plan  was: shower up, and go to breakfast.

A family that we are friends (shout out the the Bolgers) with actually go down to Charleston every year and the gave us a ton of restaurant recommendations (you know, the most important part of vacation). They had suggested Acme Lowcountry Kitchen. It was just a few minutes down the road so we got in the car and went. The place was pretty crowded. There was a 30 minute wait for a table, but we figured we’d stick it out. Me and mom wanted mimosas anyway, so we thought we’d sit at the bar until our table was ready. When the waitress took our drink orders, she informed us that we were able to eat at the bar, since the seats in there were first come first serve: works for me! I had a hard time picking, but I ordered the garden omelette with egg whites, toast and hash browns. No complaints here.

Spur of the moment decision, but we thought that since the sun wasn’t out, we would just ride into the city now. My mom wanted to go on a horse and buggy tour of the city, so Dad sucked it up and said yes (y’all know Dave can barely sit through church– let alone a tour). But overall, even thought it started to POUR,  it was pretty cool. The tour was pretty informative, which took us through the French Quarter of the city and down by the Battery.

Afterwards, my mom and I took a walk though the City Market, which was just a bunch of vendors selling clothes, foods, etc. Too many people for me, so we headed over to Henry’s Bar where my dad was sitting. Had a drink, waited for the rain to let up.

One of my all time favorite bloggers visits Charleston frequently, and in her post, she always recommends the restaurant 82 Queen. Unfortunately, none of us were super crazy about the menu, but i honestly just wanted to say that I have been there, so we decided to forgo dinner and just went in for a drink — yes, the Werkin’s essentially drank our way through Charleston. But the place was so cute and I was happy that I got to go!

We got back to the hotel at about 4pm. Mom and Dad sat at the pool for a little, and I took a quick walk down on the beach before we got ready for the night.

We drove to Mt. Pleasant to a restaurant called Graze. It was a small restaurant, but just from walking in, you could tell that the food would be good. Mom was happier than ever because they had blue cheese stuffed olives… A dirty martini was obviously on its way to the table. For an appetizer, I made the executive decision to get the Beef Tartare with crustini. Me and mom liked it, Dad wasn’t a fan: hey, ya win some ya loose some. For dinner, Dad went with the Wild Mushroom Pappardelle with goat cheese, sundried tomatoes, spinach, pinenuts and truffle oil. Anything was goat cheese has me sold; it was awesome. In typical Sheila-beef loving-fashion, Mom picked the horseradish potato hash, bacon, bleu cheese and demi. Not a single word came out of her mouth, it was that good. And in typical Monica fashion, I, of course, had to get salmon at least one night. it came with marbled potatoes, arugula, corn, and toasted coriander-tomato vinaigrette. The vinaigrette made the whole dish, and the salmon was cooked perfectly.

We left and took a ride down through Sullivan’s Island on our way home. We also stopped at a Harris Teeter to pick us some snacks and drinks for the room, and headed back to the hotel!






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