My Body Is No One Else’s Business

It’s kind of upsetting that this has to be said, but its true.

I didnt know that my body was something that I had to hate, criticize, or be embarrassed  of… until I was taught that I was supposed to. I could have gone through life without giving the fact that my thighs rub together a second thought, but society robbed me (& all of us) of that privilege. Oh, I dont look like the model in the picture? Then I better kill myself at the gym, and give up carbs and obsess over every little thing that does or doesnt go into my mouth, and basically drive myself crazy until I look absolutely, barbie doll perfect? Wrong.

So you’re telling me that we have to deprive myself to live up to someone else’s standards of beauty? That its a requirement for us all to be a size 2 to be valued? Last time I checked, thats ridiculous.

I dont see why I need to feel ashamed that I wear a DD bra, or that I have stretch marks. It makes zero sense. Why should we have to apologize for our bodies?  My body is no one else’s business. Just like your body is none of my business. I dont want to be told that I can only be happy with myself if I’m trying to fix how I look.

Think about it: ask almost any woman at any given time, and I bet you that they are trying to lose weight or gain muscle, or *insert crazy trend here*. Point is,  we’re always after something that is so unattainable, but the media guilts us into feeling like we aren’t good enough . Spoiler Alert: you are more than  enough.

I am me. If I decide that I want to change, then that is my decision. For me. To make myself happy. Not to fit some “ideal standard of beauty”.  Because, like I said, the only person whose business it is is mine.


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