Embrace Your Flaws.

To take a page out of the fabulous book of Tyra Banks: You + Your Flaws + Awesome = Flawsome.

I know flaws are “supposed” to be a bad thing. But since when was being curvy, or having pale skin, or gapped teeth a flaw?

Flaws set us apart from everyone else. They make you, you. If everyone looked the same, think about how boring that would be. What if, instead of trying to hide our flaws, what if we embraced them?

Yeah, it might be hard. We’ve been taught to cover up what is different about us. To dress for our shape, our skin tone, our height. To try to conform to one standard of beauty. Which, lets face it, is usually what we see on Instagram or Cosmo.

For example, I went through a phase where I refused to wear shorts, and forced myself to put on sweatpants everyday. In June. Why you may ask? Because I told myself that my legs were too big. They didn’t look like that girl in the magazine or at the gym. Therefore, deserved to be covered up. Want to know what I learned from that? Sweats are not for the summer unless you’re trying to have a heat stroke.

My point is, this principal applies to more than just legs. Replace that with whatever you think your flaw is. And I challenge you to embrace it. Walk into a room like you OWN it. Love yourself. And above all, be unapologetically you.



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