Laguna Beach: Day 5

Last day of vacation! As I mentioned in my previous post, my parents and I were traveling up to Los Angeles to meet up with some family that lives there.

Before we headed out, my dad and I wanted to tackle those menacing steps–118 to be exact– that led up to our hotel. We did nine flights total, some running, some taking two steps at a time, and one set sideways. Whew my legs were dead! Such a great workout


We showered up, and grabbed breakfast down by the dock again. This time at What A Dish Cafe. I saw that their veggie omelet was filled with goat cheese and I didnt give my order a second thought. The waitress also asked if i wanted avocado with that… duh.

IMG_7127      IMG_7112

Dinner was at 6:30, but since LA traffic is insane, we left Laguna around 2 o’clock. The drive was… congested. And apparently this wasn’t even rush hour. No thanks. We arrived in Los Angeles a little after 4, parked our car, and started to walk around. We quickly realized that there wasn’t much to do downtown, so we got back in the car and took a ride into beverly hills, so i could see Rodeo Drive. I felt like a kid in a candy store shouting out all the names of the designers as we passed. By the time we fought the traffic back into the city, it was time to meet my cousins (yes, it took THAT long.)

We has reservations at Bottega Louie. It doubled as a bakery as well as a restaurant. They  had all different flavors of macarons in the window.. I couldn’t resist. We bought 5. The box was so cute, I actually decided to keep it! The chai macaron was my favorite 🙂

IMG_7114 IMG_7115



For dinner, my cousins ordered 2 salads, 2 different pizzas, fried calamari, and brussel sprouts for all of us to share. I didnt get too many pictures during dinner unfortunately, we were having a good time catching up! But I assure you, everything was delicious!


Thankfully, the drive back wasn’t bad at all, but after that, I was exhausted! We hit the sack around 10pm, we had another long day in the morning.

We didnt have to check out until 10am. And can you believe we were all up by 6am? So my dad and I squeezed in an arm/ab circuit, then met my mom for breakfast at the hotel. I was in the mood for oatmeal again, keeping it simple


Im so thankful for another great vacation in the books. I love being able to get away and spend some stress free time with my mom and dad. Cant wait to see where the next trip takes us 🙂


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