Laguna Beach: Day 4

My mom mentioned wanting to go kayaking while we were in California, so we made plans to give it a try Wednesday morning. The session was supposed to last around 2 hours, and started at 10am.

We left the hotel early so we could grab a quick breakfast beforehand, and see where the meeting spot was ( as you can imagine, Mom was a nervous wreck that we wouldn’t find it). We Ended up at Madison Square & Garden Cafe, which was actually right next to Urth Caffe, where we ate lunch the day before.

This place sold outdoor furniture and garden decorations, and they are all around the outdoor eating area, it really gave the restaurant an earthy feel. I hadn’t had oatmeal in a few days and I’m glad I ordered it here. It came with bananas, fresh berries, and warm milk

13668975_1183854101635789_1377440938960293822_n      IMG_7093

When it was time to set out in our kayaks, there were about 7 of us, plus 2 instructors. I hoped into a boat with my dad, and my mom was paired wth the owner of the business. We all paddled out into the ocean, and I must admit, it was pretty awesome. And MAN, is that paddling work on the arms! We got about 20 minutes in, but my dad and I started to feel pretty sick. So we turned in early. Not much of an experience, I know. But It was fun while it lasted. My mom made it the whole 2 hours and said she had a blast. She took a bunch of pictures with an underwater camera, I can’t wait to see them when they’re developed!

IMG_7096 IMG_7095

Dinner time rolled around, and my Dad and I picked Watermarc, a place we saw while we were waiting in line for gelato a couple nights before. We took a look at the menu, and one of the appetizers caught our eye. Homemade Ricotta cheese with macona almonds, honeycomb, and vine-dried raisins. Do you know that my family is STILL talking about this dish? My mom proclaimed this the best restaurant of the trip, even before she tasted her entree. Needless to say, when we got back to the hotel, my mom ordered all the necessities in order to recreate this at home IMG_7097

For the main course, I decided on the Chilean Seabass, it never disappoints. And it still holds true. My mom ordered the Fillet 3 ways, and Dad chose the paella (which was bigger than my face). I tasted each, and they were all fantastic. For dessert, I saw the word “bread pudding” and I was sold. We split the white chocolate bread pudding with macadamia nuts and pineapple ice cream… I basically licked the plate.

IMG_7100 IMG_7102 IMG_7103 IMG_7105

In the end, this actually did rank as the best meal of the trip. It was a hard call to make, but overall, this one took the cake!

We turned in and got some sleep for our day on the road to LA in the morning!


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