Laguna Beach: Day 3

I have the hardest time adjusting to the time change. I was up everyday before 6am and could not fall back to sleep. Of course, i wanted to get a workout in before the day started. I hit the hotel gym for a 30 minute treadmill HIIT run/walk, and then met my dad for an ab circuit.

For breakfast, we walked over to the harbor and ate at RJ’s cafe. Hands down the best coffee of the vacation. Plus, their mugs were adorable! I ordered 2 scrambled eggs, toast and fruit– nothing fancy

IMG_7081         IMG_7123


My mom was determined to give hiking another try after she insisted that she ruined the first say for us (MOM, no you didnt!!) So we searched for other parks near the area and found Aliso Summit Trail. This was was definitely flatter than the trail the day before, but felt significantly longer. We walked about 2.5 miles before we turned back due to a rattlesnake coiled up right in the middle of the road! My mom and I are still convinced it was a rock.. oops.

IMG_7082 IMG_7085]

On the way back into town, we stopped for lunch at Urth Caffee. This place was a lot different for other restaurants I’ve been too. You wait in line outside until the hostess tells you to go inside and order, then your meal is brought to your table. I wanted a salad to a picked the Caravan Kale Salad with  Tuscan kale,  red quinoa, Persian cucumbers, heirloom tomatoes, roasted yams, red onion, pita chips and fresh mint tossed in our pomegranate vinaigrette. Topped with ricotta salt cheese. One word: YUM.


Of course, after a hot day filled with walking, we relaxed at the pool. I was reading and got hilarious tan lines from my kindle. I figured id have time to even them out!

Tonight was Taco Tuesday! I only wanted 2 thing: awesome Mexican food, and a margarita 😉 The Coyote Grill it was!


I ordered the veggie fajitas, I love fajitas because of how the vegetables come out screaming hot!IMG_7089      IMG_7132

That guac tho… perfect.

I hope you see a pattern developing here.. we took a walk down by the harbor, and climbed up to the top of a park on a cliff across from our hotel. Man was it high.

IMG_7131IMG_7130 IMG_7128

We went back to the hotel and got ready for tomorrow mornings kayak session 🙂



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