Laguna Beach: Day 2

Monday morning, my dad and I woke up early and hit the gym! We did a 2 mile run along the harbor, followed by an arm workout courtesy of the CHAARG booty camp I’ve been doing this summer! Not kidding when i say we were sore for at least 3 days after this!


Today was a hiking day! I was looking forward to it after last years experience.

Before we started, we grabbed breakfast at The Penguin Cafe. This place was exactly what comes to mind when you think “diner”, plus, it lived up to its name with all the penguin decorations! I ordered the veggie egg white omelet, wheat toast, and fruit. Cant go wrong with that.


When we finished, we drove to Laguna Wilderness Park and got right to it. We started walking and realized that this trail was no joke! I may be exaggerating a little but in my memory, this path was basically vertical! Dont get me wrong, it made for an awesome view, but man, was it tough to climb! After awhile, we decided just to turn around (no mom, it wasn’t your fault!!) and go back down. My mom wanted to wait in the car while me and my dad hiked one more trail. This one was had more ups and downs and  significantly more shade. So pretty 🙂

IMG_7079 IMG_7077 IMG_7052

As per vacation fashion, we came back and hit the pool for a little before getting ready for dinner.  This night, we chose to eat at The Cliffs. We heard that the view was incredible, especially when you’re eating outside. It sat right over the ocean.

IMG_7058 IMG_7060IMG_7057IMG_7065

For an appetizer, we got an order of hummus and veggies– one of my favorites IMG_7063

For my meal, I ordered the prime pork chop with a porcini glaze. The porcini mushrooms sold me. I can’t believe I’ve never had that before. Delicious. And just look at that presentation.


After dinner, we took a walk down by the beach, and through town. There were so many people and little shops and restaurants, i loved the feel. My dad spotted a line to a gelato shop that was literally out of the door and we knew it had to be good (Spoiler alert– it was. Espresso flavored anything is the bomb).

IMG_7075 IMG_7069 IMG_7074IMG_7068

As it got dark, we drove back to the hotel and sat on the patio for a while before heading up to bed. Day 2 down, 3 more to go!


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