College: Half Way Finished

I took my last exam, and just like that, I wrapped up my sophomore year of college at Kent State University. I can’t believe it already came and went, and i’ll officially be a junior in the fall.

When I started my freshman year, I was so incredibly nervous. Nervous about being on my own, nervous about classes, nervous about making friends. And even though at the end of it all, my first two semesters turned out good, my anxiety definitely got the better of me. I always tell people, I loved freshman year, yes. But would I do it again? Theres not enough money in the world. The feeling of being so unsure of everything doesn’t sit well with me. However, if you asked me to repeat my sophomore experience, I wouldn’t hesitate.

This year, I really started to find who i was again aside from my eating disorder. I was able to put aside all of the fear and anxiety and just be me and live life. And its funny because I noticed a significant change and I literally watched myself grow up and become Monica.  I wasn’t trying so damn hard at everything. And thats why things fell into place.

IMG_4949 IMG_5528 IMG_5540IMG_7721

I actually enjoyed (most of) my classes, even though they challenged me, I realized just how much I love my major. I got more involved on campus. I found the people who I truly consider to be my best friends. I started dating my boyfriend. I went out. Made plans.  And most importantly, I had fun.

IMG_7163 IMG_3244 IMG_6232 IMG_6237 IMG_6225 IMG_5231 IMG_5577IMG_5105

And for as sad I am to see this amazing year draw to a close, I can’t wait to see what next fall holds for me. I know theres so many opportunities out there for me, and I’m excited to see how much I’m capable of.



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