there’s nothing wrong with normal

Yes, you read that right.

Anymore, I feel like we are constantly bombarded with messages: Be thinner. Be stronger. Be smarter. Be BETTER. Because if you aren’t going above and beyond, then you’re doing it wrong.

I had a hard time accepting the fact that “normal” is.. well.. NORMAL. I feared not having something to set my apart from everyone else, to make me superior, to give me an edge. My Type A personality feeds off of this mentality. I needed so badly to be the thinnest one in the room, have the cleanest diet, work out the hardest. There was even a time when  I took someone telling me that I looked “healthy” as an insult. Being underweight set me apart. Made me different. If I gained any weight, skipped the gym, or ate a burger, then I would be normal. Just like everyone else. Not special. Just Monica.

But when did that become not good enough? Just being yourself? The beautiful thing is, normal looks different on everyone. Normal means being who you’re supposed to be. We shouldn’t feel like we need to be more, or compare ourselves and accomplishments to everyone around us.

Be happy being yourself. Be normal.  Because honestly, you’re awesome just the way you are.

be-yourself-Oscar-Wilde-Picture-Quote(this ones for you Allison 🙂 ❤ )



2 thoughts on “there’s nothing wrong with normal

  1. Cayanne Marcus (@healthyezsweet) says:

    Love this Monica. When I was younger, I fell in love with the “Eat This Not That” books – which I now realize was the beginning of orthorexia for me. I became known in my family as the “girl who eats THIS not THAT” as in, super cleanly. Even though it was playfully intended, it became this persona I was terrified not to measure up to. Like if I ate cake I wouldn’t be the “THIS” girl anymore. Finally I had to make peace with being my own girl, no – woman. A normal woman with cravings and balance. And you’re right that’s 100% okay


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