confessions of a nutrition major

Ever since I decided on a major when I was just a junior in high school, I’ve been getting comments like:

“I’m sure you don’t eat that!”

“I feel like you judge me for my food choices!”

“I need you to follow me around and tell me what to eat!”

“Is *insert food here* healthy for me?”

And so on, but I think you get the point. And while I can’t help but giggle to myself,  I just want to scream– NUTRITION MAJORS ARE PEOPLE TOO.  Just because I know what I should eat, doesn’t mean I always follow through. We’re human, we aren’t perfect. And sometimes, regardless of everything we know, we chose to look the other way and live a little.

So I decided to compile a list of “confessions” of eating patterns that are, for the most part, atypical of a future registered dietitan.

    I drink POP

And not just pop, diet pop. Which some argue is even worse. Now, I mean, its not an all the time occurrence. Water is usually my beverage of choice. But sometimes I crave a diet Coke, and that craving hits HARD. So I give in.

I eat Lunchmeat

I’m a sucker for a sandwich. And when I’m at school especially, its easy to buy all the ingredients for one. Oven roasted turkey is a favorite. Sorry, not sorry.

I don’t love all “healthy” foods

Yes, there are very few foods that I don’t like.  beets. eggplant. swiss chard. tuna. olives. You can spout off the the nutritional benefits you want. Put them in front of me and I still won’t touch anything.

dessert is my favorite

I could be so full and ready to burst, but you say the words “cake”, “cookie” or “ice-cream”, odds are: I’m in. My sweet tooth is a bit out of hand. But I’m not going to deny myself of something I love!

And no, I dont juice

Your argument is irrelevant. I still think it tastes like grass.


It just goes to show that no, Im not judging you for whats on your plate. Get a slice of cake and we can share 😉


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