Deluca’s Diner and The Strip District

Hands down, I’m definitely a morning person. But even waking up at 5am is a little too much for me. BUT waking up at 5am to go to breakfast at Deluca’s Diner is a completely different story 😉

A friend of my parents invited us to breakfast with them and their family up in The Strip District in Pittsburgh. I was all in. I’ve been to Deluca’s twice before, but this would be the first time for my mom and dad. In case you haven’t heard of it, Deluca’s Diner is one of the most famous breakfast joints in the city! Its ALWAYS packed. We got there 15 minutes before it opened at 7am, and there was already a line outside!! And the funny part? This place is a complete DIVE. But the food is delicious, and the atmosphere is so much fun. Its not hard to see why people flock to it strip1 strip2

Luckily, we had a reservation (for all 28 of us!) Thats a lot of people for a little diner, let me tell you. I could never work there, I give our waitress a lot of props for handling such a high stress job.


I expected the service to be slow but I had a coffee mug in my hand within minutes of sitting down. I was probably most excited for their coffee. I brag about it to everyone like its nobody’s business. It’s that good. And it didn’t disappoint! Their menu is massive, its actually a little overwhelming! I ended up ordering 2 scrambled egg whites, a fruit cup, and wheat toast with grape jelly. I ate every last bite!

strip3        strip5

My parents and I were planning on going to 9 o’clock mass, but we still had about a half an hour to kill. We walked across the street to Penn Mac. I love Penn Mac. To sum it up, its a giant Italian grocery store. Just stepping inside makes you proud to be Italian. It smells heavenly, and its hectic as hell (especially now that its Christmas time) but its all about the experience.

After, we headed to mass.I wish I could have gotten pictures of the inside of the church because it was absolutely beautiful. Paintings covered the walls and ceiling, and enormous pillars shot up all around the room. Id for sure go there again.  I bet its amazing on Christmas or Easter.

My parents and I met back up with the group at La Prima espresso shop. I wasn’t going to say no to another cup of coffee, so I ordered a latte with skim milk. Ive talked about La Prima’s before. I described it as being like a local bar with its “regulars”; the same people hang out there religiously.strip7         strip6

Around a quarter ’til 11 we headed home. Usually, we stay up there longer, but my family does a strip outting every Christmas season too, so I’ll be back on Wednesday! 🙂

When I got home around noon, I was pretty hungry since I hadn’t eaten since breakfast. I sautéed  up some spaghetti squash that was in the refrigerator, and mixed in some cherry tomatoes, arugula, and garlic powder. I paired it with leftover chili that I made for last nights dinner, recipe courtesy of Cookie and Kate. It was fantastic! I highly recommend giving it a try, its a great vegetarian option!


I plan to spend the rest of my day curled up on the couch watching football and hallmark movies (great combination I know!) to get myself in the holiday spirit 🙂 Have a wonderful rest of your day!




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