Dinner at the Capital Grille

I finally came home from school after TWO MONTHS. I know that might not sound very long, but for me ( the homebody) its kinda a big deal. I actually skipped class Friday to get an extra day at home. But the good thing is, I wasn’t that homesick at all.. which is so atypical of me. But anyway, my parents were probably more excited for me to come home than I was in all honesty. So to celebrate my homecoming plus my parents 22 year wedding anniversary, we decided to spend the day shopping in Pittsburgh and end the day with dinner!

The Capital Grille’s atmosphere is warm, and complete with dim lighting and red undertones. Its one of those restaurants where you aren’t in a hurry for your meal, and you really slow down and enjoy your dining experience.

Our waiter was one of the best ones I’ve had. He was so nice and knew the menu like the back of his hand. My kind of guy 😉

They started off by bringing out the bread basket, complete with flatbread, french bread, sesame rolls and pumpernickel (which was the best in my opinion)

For an appetizer, my mom got the lobster bisque that she couldn’t stop raving about. My dad and I split the Bib Salad, which had Bibb lettuce and  Asian pears with sherry vinaigrette and gorgonzola. The salad was great, and the pears were delicious, which surprised me because pears are usually hit or miss. salad

For my main course I ordered the salmon. Yes, I got the salmon in a steak house but I really couldn’t resist. You know me and my salmon ❤ It was citrus glazed and served with haricots verts, and roasted onion. It was cooked perfectly and the glaze on  top was seared which gave it a nice crunch.


Dad got the Sushi Grade seared tuna with gingered rice. He loved it, I wasn’t a fan. Mom (the meat eater of the bunch) ordered the dry aged, gorgonzola crusted porterhouse steak…she was in her glory.

We also ordered two sides: the roasted mushrooms and the green beans with heirloom tomatoes. Both were phenomenal.

After dinner, dad and I got coffee (<3) and mom wanted dessert. We all decided to split the cheesecake, which our waiter recommended as their in house specialty. One word: WOW. It was served brûlée style with fresh berries.. lets just say I was sad when it was gone. (We dug in before I could snap a pic 😉 )


My dad never fails to disappoint with his choice of restaurant! I had the best time with my parents after being away for so long, and spending the day with them in Pittsburgh, shopping and eating good food was the best way to celebrate


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