San Diego Day 4!

Wednesday was the last full day of our trip and I definitely wasn’t ready to leave! Since we’d been on the go for the past couple days, we decided to spend the morning and afternoon lounging at the bay (mostly so Mom could work on her tan 😉 )

My dad and I woke up early as always, to get a workout in. I honestly didn’t feel like running, so I took him through a circuit that I did at P3 last week. It looked like this:


Dad was sore the next few days!

After our workout, my mom met us downstairs for breakfast. I ordered the oatmeal with grilled banana and raisins. I love steel cut oats so Im rarely disappointed by them.


I had mentioned that I wanted to ride bikes along the beach, so while my mom got a massage, we rented a couple for about an hour. The scenery was beautiful as to be expected. We rode past all the houses that have back porches that face the bay, and I was completely jealous. Imagine waking up to that every day!


When the three of us met back up, It was on the beach. We laid out for a while, and then my dad and I rented paddle boards (SUPs). I’ve always wanted to try them because they look so fun, but I have to admit, THOSE THINGS ARE HARD TO STEER! Maybe it was just me, but I just kept spinning in circles. My dad even fell off! After like 30 minutes, I started getting sea sick and decided I had enough. I’ll have to try again sometime, hopefully I’ll get the hang of it better!

Later in the afternoon, I saw that there was going to be a sushi making class at the hotel so I jumped on that SO fast! I’m a huge sushi fan and I’ve always wanted to make my own. The class was short, we made basic California rolls. The hardest part is for sure dealing with the rice. It wants to stick to everything, so its important to keep your hands damp. Mine didn’t turn out half bad!


As far as dinner that night, we knew we wanted Italian, but we just didn’t know where. We ended up at this little place called Bistro Pazzo in La Jolla that had really good reviews.

They started off by bringing out chibatta bread right out of the oven and olive oil. If your’re Italian, you understand that this is the equivalent to heaven.. okay. The menu was pretty big and I kept going back and forth with what I wanted. I finally settled on the salmon (are you even surprised?) that came with a side of pesto aioli, a little bit of pasta, and vegetables. Delicious, enough said

IMG_4301 IMG_4281

After dinner, we went down the street and split some gelato (continuing the Italian theme here), and took a walk down to the beach. The sun was setting and there was just as many people there to watch as there was on Sunday.


When we got back to the hotel, we thought it would be nice to take the ferry ride across the bay and back. It was really cool, and we got to see the fireworks from the top deck too

IMG_4288 IMG_4286

The next morning, my dad and I squeezed in another 3 mile run, and then we all went back to La Jolla for breakfast, since we didnt have to be at the airport until 10:30 or so. Every google search for “breakfast in La Jolla” led me to this place called The Cottage. Words cant even describe how cute this restaurant was, even down to the white picket fence outside. I ordered the roasted vegetable egg white omelet, which came with a homemade scone and I swapped fruit for the potatoes. Best breakfast of the trip.


Sadly, our vacation came to an end as we drove to the airport. I had a blast on the West Coast and I’ve already determined that I’ll be making another trip back (hopefully very, very soon!)


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