San Diego Day 3 Part 2: Blue Point Costal Cuisine in the Gaslamp District

For dinner that night after hiking,  we took a cab into downtown to the Gaslamp District. We wanted sea food, so we found this restaurant called Blue Point. It had really good reviews so we figured why not give it a try!

The waiter brought us out an amuse bouche on the house to start us off. He was super soft spoken and I missed what he said it was. Im pretty sure it was some type of potato..but what I do know is that it was fantastic (and it was plated beautifully 🙂 ) IMG_4238


Next, for an appetizer, my dad ordered the Braised Filet Mignon Ravioli with smoked gouda-marscapone filling, mushrooms and arugula. Oh my lord. I’ll let the picture tell you the rest. IMG_4239

Naturally, I ordered salmon and thank God I did because it was fabulous. It literally melted in my mouth, thats how you know its good. It came with baby squash ratatouille and peach chipotle barbecue. It was the perfect amount and the flavors worked together great.IMG_4240

For dessert, we ordered the peach cobbler to split. Unfortunately, we dug into that so fast that I couldnt even get a picture…yeah, it was THAT good.

After dinner, we took a walk through the Gaslamp district and looked at all the shops and restaurants. It actually got pretty chilly out that night and we were pretty exhausted from our hike so we turned in early and headed back to the room 🙂IMG_4241


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