San Diego Day 3 Part 1: Hiking at Torrey Pines!

I’ve been nagging my dad for us to go hiking for a pretty long time now. So we decided that we would finally do it on vacation, where we would have nice trails and weather! Torrey Pines State Reserve was only about 20 minutes from hour hotel so it was perfect!

We started off our day by going to breakfast in Torrey Pines at this cute little place I found called Come On In Cafe. It was kinda early so there wasn’t really anyone there, but still, I loved it there. It was decorated adorably, IMG_4203not to mention that the food (and coffee) was awesome. I ordered the Mediterranean egg white scramble that had basil, tomato and feta cheese. It also came with wheat toast and fresh fruit. SO GOOD



We got to the park and started up the hill. Torrey Pines has multiple hiking loops that are all different lengths and difficulties. We decided to just take our time and hit them all! The scenery was hands down the best part. It was like anything I had ever seen in my life. IMG_4209 IMG_4207 IMG_4213

typical CHAARG pic 😉


My mom almost didnt come with us, but she loved it so much she couldnt believe she almost passed it up! My dad enjoyed it too (I mean, I knew he would), the heights freaked him out a tad!


The last trail we hit was definitely the hardest. It started down on the beach, and took you 360 feet up the mountain to the top. Not gonna lie, it was hard after a while, especially in that heat. It was almost never ending, but the view was spectacular. IMG_4221 IMG_4223

It took us about 2 1/2 hours, and we totaled 5.7 miles! I would without a doubt go again. I loved seeing all the people out there, some even running up the giant hills–kudos to them, man. And being up there made me stop and appreciate how beautiful life is.




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