San Diego: day 1!

My family and I just got back from our vacation in Mission Beach, San Diego. I had never been out to California and to be honest, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. Let me tell you: It absolutely didn’t disappoint. I felt like i was in a completely different world out there. It was beautiful and I already want to go back.

This vacation wasn’t the typical one for our family. Usually we just relax and lay out at the beach all day (I mean come on, i gotta work on that tan!), but this time, we got a little adventurous and went outside of our norm. You’ll see what I mean.

We landed in San Diego at about 10:30am on Sunday. It was a little overcast and chilly and I was getting nervous that the weather would stay like this the whole trip. After getting lost trying to get from the airport to the hotel (which is becoming a family tradition, might I add) we finally got there, checked in, and unpacked out things. It was around 12:45, I was tired, hangry, and definitely not in the best mood, sadly. And to top it off, the sun was still hiding. Regardless, we all headed down to the pool. My dad is a saint and finally got me something to eat. And just like that, the sky opened up, the sun came out, and I was feeling 110% better about the whole trip!

After a little, we took a walk to the beach. Our hotel was actually on the bay and then the beach was about a block across the street. We went all the way down to the pier and i was just in awe. There was people everywhere, skating, surfing, walking their dogs, and I loved every second of it.

IMG_4121 IMG_4114 IMG_4128IMG_4118

We went back to the hotel and showered up for dinner. We decided on The Shores which turned out to be inside a hotel in La Jolla. I ordered theFive Spice Sea Bass with coconut red rice, broccolini, tropical relish, curry oil. It was pretty good. My favorite part was the tropical relish for sure. Im going to  have to try to recreate it!


Went we finished, we took another walk along the beach while we waited for the sun to set. I loved how people were all gathered around to watch it too, just like it was a movie or a concert. It was such a beautiful sight. The sky was lit up with so many colors as the sun slipped down into the ocean.

IMG_4130IMG_4138  IMG_4140

After a long day of traveling, we called it a night and headed back to the hotel. We had to be up bright and early for the events of the next day 🙂

IMG_4137  IMG_4129


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