Fourth of July weekend!

Hope everyone had a good long weekend! Mine was pretty dang busy for me (which is probably mildly boring for the average person but whatevs)

Lets start on Wednesday! My friends and I drove up to the South Side to have dinner at Nakama. Sushi is one of my favorite foods so I was all in! My friend, Maddy, goes there so much that the bartenders and waiters all know her by name! Its actually pretty funny. I ordered 2 piece of salmon nigiri and a tuna roll. I go basic when I order sushi, I cant handle all of that fancy stuff.ย IMG_3992

i always have to snap a pic to send to my dad ๐Ÿ™‚

But I had a really good time with everyone. To be honest, its been way too long since we had all hung out. It just so hard to get us all together considering how busy our lives are these days.ย IMG_3993

Moving onto Thursday, we all went to see Wiz Khalifa, Fallout Boy and Hoodie Allen at First Niagara Pavillon. It was PACKED and I basically saw every single person that i knew from Steubenville there. But I had a blast. Wiz isn’t exactly my favorite artist but it was still a fun time

IMG_4012 IMG_4005 IMG_4001

Friday night my parents and I headed up to the Pirates game ( do you see the pattern of driving up to Pittsburgh developing here?) We tailgated with some of their friends and then went into the game. We made it 7 innings before it got delayed bc of all of the rain. We decided just to leave, which i was totally okay with me considering I wasn’t very interested in the game…whoops.I just wasn’t feeling it that day.


I woke up on Saturday to run in a local 5k. Before i left, I fueled up with a quick bowl of cereal and fruit… and of course it was patriotic ๐Ÿ˜‰


shredded wheat, puffed rice, almond milk, banana, strawberries, blueberries and cinnamon!

My cousin, and designated “run mom” Holly picked me up, along with some other girls that we run with, and we drove 10 minutes to get to Toronto where the race was. I was happy it was such a nice morning but the humidity made running a little rough. I did manage to come in third place overall female for the event, which I was happy about!

IMG_4039 IMG_4034

Later that night, I headed over to my friend Rachel’s house for a party. I like going places like that when I’m home from college because its like a big high school reunion.People swam and she had a slip n slide set up in her back yard which was hysterical to watch everyone use.I had so much fun and it was really the perfect way to end my weekend!

IMG_4045 IMG_4040


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