You’ve Got Mail: Fitsnack Box!

I love getting mail. And I love getting packages even more! A few months ago, I signed up for a monthly subscription to Fitsnack, and every 4 weeks, I get a box full of sample sized, healthy snacks plus a quick little workout. I consider it a good investment, if I do say so myself! Check out their website if you’re interested, theres different types of plans depending on what you’re looking for!


This box included two Go Raw chewy apricot bars and B’s Bites dried fruit and nut snack. My favorite part about these two is that the ingredients are just fruit and nuts: thats it! I always look for bars with a short ingredient list


Sweet chili peanuts and two different flavors of dried garbanzo beans. Perfect snack packed with protein!IMG_3802

Jackson’s Honest sweet potato chips are so good and i was happy to get more in this box! Im also excited to try the dried lentils! My dad can have a field day with the jerky though, I’m not a fan! IMG_3803

Okay, so I’m wayyyy more pumped about this than I should be, but I cannot wait to use the sorghum that was in the box! People always talk about it but believe it or not I’ve never had it. Inside the box, there was a recipe for Wondergrain Vegetable Medley, so i might just have to give it a try 😉 IMG_3804

The last item in the box was some tea samples. I love tea, and it has so many health benefits, so this was a perfect addition to the mix. IMG_3808

As I mentioned, theres a quick workout  in every box, along with a list of the included snacks along with a brief description.

IMG_3806 IMG_3805

So take a visit to their website, hopefully you’ll enjoy Fitsnack as much as I do!


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