A Quick Trip to the Strip!

When Jenna proposed a trip up to Pittsburgh’s Strip District last Saturday, of course my answer was an overwhelming yes. Between the two of us, I really don’t know who loves the Strip more. Its just such a fun experience, especially in the summer when everyone is out and about. All the shops and vendors that line the crowded street is so much to take in, but in a good way!


Now, Jenna is a HUGE (and I really emphasize huge) Pittsburgh Pirate fan. Pretty much the main point of this trip was so she could buy t-shirts from her favorite vendor up there. They have the best shirts and good prices. We both ended up getting these really cute Pirate tanks and a t-shirt for my mom.

After that, we took a walk down to Enrico Biscotti so Jenna could buy a couple cookies for her dad. Naturally, i had to snap a few pics of the shop. I love it in there. It smells heavenly, but its bakery, what else do you expect?


We stopped for a coffee (obviously) at La Prima. It reminds me of a local bar with “regulars”, except it serves espresso and its most busy in the mornings 🙂 IMG_3777

One of my favorite parts about the Strip is all the farmers stands set up. The produce is so good and not to mention CHEAP. Such a better deal than at the grocery store. I wish we had more at these back home because I’d be there constantly

IMG_3766IMG_3767        IMG_3768

We got out of there before it rained, thank God, and headed over to Shadyside for lunch. We hit the Shady Grove, which is another favorite of mine because of its diverse menu! Unfortunately it started pouring when we got there but we got lucky and got a parking spot right outside. SCORE!

I was craving a good salad so bad. I ordered their Autumn Salad which had mixed greens, cranberries, sunflower seeds, blue cheese, sweet potato tots with a maple cider vinaigrette on the side. I also had them add grilled portobello mushrooms on top. I wish i would have gotten a picture but i was starving and plus the lighting was dim in the restaurant but oh my lord it was one of the best salads I’ve ever had. Im still talking about it!

We ended the trip with a ride through Pitts beautiful campus and headed back to Steubie!


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