Monterey Bay Fish Grotto: the dessert that made me cry

If you love seafood, then this post is for you!

A while back, as my christmas vacation was drawing to a close, my parents and I decided to have my “goodbye dinner” at Monterey Bay on Mt Washington in Pittsburgh. I had been DYING to go there since its famous for its seafood, so when the opportunity finally arose, I could barely contain my excitement.

First off, lets talk about the view. The restaurant itself is located on top of Mt Washington which overlooks downtown Pittsburgh. The actually dining room is at the top of the building and you have to ride one of those elevators with the windows to get up there. It had the most incredible view so naturally i wanted to snap a few pics.


The dining room was so beautiful and i just loved the entire atmosphere. Its a little more of a fancy restaurant but I enjoy that everyone in a while.

My dad and I are actually kind of hilarious when we go out to eat. We consult each other on what we’re getting and pretty much have a “game plan”.  No one ever gets the same meal because that way we can all try each others. I mean i think its funny.. maybe you have to be there

I ordered the basil champagne salmon. Salmon is my all time favorite and i knew i couldn’t go wrong. and boy was i right. It was perfectly cooked and the flavors were spot on. My parents and I also ordered roasted root vegetables and sautéed greens to share as sides they were just okay, the flavoring was a little off and we couldn’t pin point why.IMG_1685

When dinner was over, the waiter asked if we had any room for dessert and we figured it was a special occasion so why not end it with cake and coffee. He recommended the angel food grilled cheese. I was a little skeptical but we went with it.

Oh my lord I still giddy thinking about that dessert: cream cheese icing sandwiched between two    grilled, warm slices of angel food cake, topped with vanilla ice cream, a berry compote, and candied slivered almonds. I cried tears of joy eating it. I’ll leave you at that. IMG_3067

Any night I get to spend with my family is a good one and it was a nice send off before heading back to start my second semester of school. If you ever get the chance, I recommend trying Monterey Bay at least once.


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